Why YouTube Is a Must When Launching Your Home Business

Launching a home-based based business is an exciting time in your professional life. However, not all that excitement is a positive flow of energy. Sometimes, you can simply become overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. You have stepped away from the corporate world and now you are bringing your expertise to your own business where you will call the shots. Sometimes this ‘fear of the unknown’ can put you into panic mode, which will show through if you don’t get a handle on it before launching your business. The key is in marketing and here is why you must use YouTube when launching your home business.

A Chance to Show Them What You’ve Got

Oddly, what many people don’t realize is that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Second only to Google, YouTube gets three billion searches each and every day to Google’s 3.5 billion, as of the latest statistics. With 100 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube by the hour and over 300 average hours watched per month, you can see how you can expand your reach with one well-crafted video production. Here is your chance to show them what you’ve got without panicking in front of live audiences! Try using a whiteboard animation video to demonstrate key points instead of simple charts and statistics. You’d be amazed at what a little motion can do to attract and keep the attention of viewers.

Two for the Price of One

Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine but it also ranks highly as a social site. Did you know YouTube is classified as social media? However, instead of simple words and memes, YouTube is all about audiovisual entertainment and presentations. Again, YouTube comes in second as the “most popular social networking sites” – second only to Facebook. While Facebook sees 2.13 billion visitors each month, YouTube has 1.5 billion active monthly users. The key takeaway here is that if you want to grow your followers to convert to customers or clients, social networking is of prime importance. Today’s B2B or B2C customers want to connect with companies they do business with. That’s a fact.

Beyond Adding Up the Stats

Now put these two statistics together, search engines and social networking, and you can easily see why you must use YouTube video content marketing for the launch of your new home business. Beyond that, just consider what you can do with even a short series of ‘how-to’ videos. These are the most in-demand searches on YouTube and other than music videos, are among the top-ranked searches. To rank highly with YouTube’s search engine, you must use the very same strategies as you would when trying to rank with Google.

If you can rank highly in the YouTube SERPs and gather a growing network of followers, you will hit the ground running when launching your new home business. If you don’t believe it, start with just one how-to about your product or services, employ proven SEO strategies, and see for yourself. It’s amazing how a picture (a moving picture at that!) is worth so much more than a thousand words.

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