Why Having a Community Is Essential

In the world we live in now, new technologies come out constantly. These technologies help people become more efficient. But in the midst of these, there is a growing epidemic of loneliness. It’s a sad contrast: many people become more efficient on the outside but emptier on the inside.

There is an essential component that is missing here and that is community. We all need to have a community.

By community, I mean a group of people who care about you and want to support you. On the other hand, you also care about them and want to support them. A community is a group of people who care about each other. A group of people who only think about themselves is not a community.

Here are four reasons why having a community is essential.

1. It’s a basic human need.

I just read the book summary of The Power of Meaning. It says that one pillar of a meaningful life is a sense of belonging. In fact, it’s a basic human need. Without a sense of belonging, your life would lose its meaning.

2. You need support in hard times.

Like it or not, there are hard times in life. It will be very difficult to go through them alone. Having a community, on the other hand, will make it much easier for you. Why? Because now you go through them together with other people.

3. It makes you healthy.

Studies show that having an emotional support can boost your immune system. You will become more resistant to diseases. It might be unexpected, but having a community can make you healthy.

4. It trains you to be selfless.

While you can get a lot in a community, it’s actually a place to practice giving. Being in a community teaches us not to be selfish. Instead, we learn to care about other people.

It’s difficult to practice giving in isolation. But in a community, you have plenty of opportunities to do that. You will think about yourself less because you think about other people more.


I wrote about the why above, but I left out the how part. For that, I’d like to ask you:

How do you find a community?

Please share your answer in the comments. Thanks!

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