What to monitor on social media in 2018

It is almost 2018.

That means this is the season of predictions for the next year. What should
we expect from social media in 2018?

Where are we headed next year with social media? What is hot or what is not
on social media?

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Based on usage, Filmora put
together a list of trends that will help you plan for 2018.

The key social media trends for 2018 are the following:


2. Live streaming

3. Short-lived content

4. Augmented reality

5. Artifical intelligence (AI) and chatbots

Generation Z (born during the years of 1995 to 2012)

Influencer marketing

8. Mobile-ready content

9. Messaging apps such as WhatsAppWeChat and SnapChat

What trends are you watching for 2018, PR Daily readers?

Check out this infographic by
to learn more about the key social media trends that are expected to
dominate 2018:

Matthew Royse is a digital marketing director of Forsythe Technology, a global IT firm in Chicago. A version of this article originally appeared on his blog, Knowledge Enthusiast.

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