Top Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Is Failing

In recent years, social media marketing has gained utmost prominence. More and more marketers have chosen to use social media, and to great success. The reason being is that marketers can find virtually all their target audiences on the social media platforms. There is a direct flow of communication between the audience and the companies, and the scope for reaching out to the masses increases exponentially. But the fact that some marketers have optimally utilized social media marketing does not mean it guarantees success. Using social media marketing is a tricky task. With the same resources, a great campaign can churn out exceptional results. At the same time, an average social media marketing campaign can sink down all your marketing efforts. If your social media campaign is not working as you would want it to, there could be a number of reasons for this happening.

1. You are getting the content wrong – Audiences quickly forget content that does not offer new and unique brand voices. Written content has always been the king when it comes to all forms of marketing, let alone social media marketing. Every marketing campaign must start with getting the content right. Everything else comes later. Recognize what your brand voice is, what it is about your business that is unique. What can you offer your audiences that no one else can? Separate your voice from the rest. After you have done that, hire a professional writer to implement your voice on paper. Create content that is unique and resonates with masses. If you do this effectively, half of the battle is won.

2. You don’t put your data to use – In today’s pro-information world, it is highly likely that your organization has a lot of consumer data, whether you know it or not. Data is all around you, in your emails, your website and your social media accounts. It is how well you put that data to use that makes all the difference. Most marketers achieve success due to the way they use data to make crucial decisions. Use data analytics tools to assess the information available to you and make decisions accordingly. Social media analytics tools will tell you about your customers’ engagement, your follower growth, and predict the most appropriate time and platform for you to reach out to an audience.

3. You choose the wrong platform for your campaigns – There are several social media platforms, and all of these platforms are used by different kinds of people. Knowing which social media platform attracts which sects of society is extremely important. You cannot always expect to increase your reach for your business-related services through Instagram. LinkedIn is the place to do that. Similarly, Facebook would be a good place to increase your independent media house business. Choosing the right platform based on your business type makes a world of difference. If you want to say something, you want people to listen to you. If you want people to listen to you, you have to reach out to them wherever they are.


Social media is a robust platform if used appropriately. If not, it can be like a party you are not invited to. You will feel out of place, and it will do you no good. If your social media campaign is failing, it is high time you rethought your entire approach for using social media and make amends accordingly to join the elite group of social media marketers.

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