Press Releases as Marketing Tools: Here’s What You Need to Know

Did you know that you could use press releases as effective marketing tools for your brand and business? Regardless of what industry you work in, knowing how to write and distribute a press release can really make a positive impact on your ability to generate income and sustain your organization. Check out the tips below so that you will know how to take advantage of this promotional strategy.

Know How to Write a Press Release

Press releases come with their own format and requirements, and you need to have strong writing chops in order for your press release to be easy to read, to make sense, and to be creative and engaging. If you are unable to deliver on these requirements, you should consider hiring experienced professionals. A good place to start is the $199 Done for You Press Release Campaign. This is perfect if you do not know anyone who can write for you or you are reluctant to use job boards because you are worried about the quality that you will receive.

Have Something That’s Worth Talking About

Before you start sending out press releases about any old thing that is going on in your company, you need to know that press releases should only be used when there is something special going on. You should be able to talk about and promote something truly worthwhile, as that will generate the biggest buzz and keeps people’s attention for the longest amount of time. Once you have something worth talking about, you can write about it, optimize the press release with keywords, and distribute it to the appropriate channels, such as PRWeb and PRNewswire.

Include Content That Other Sites Can Use

An ideal press release will contain information that can be used by other websites to generate their own valuable and shareable content. So in addition to your opening paragraph that provides information on your story, as well as the background of your company and any relevant quotes, you also need to include extra information and links. You can, for example, embed images into your press release or link to videos in order to increase engagement. As more people read your press release, click through to your video content, and write their own articles about what you had to say, your reach will extend farther and wider than before.

Give the Reader Something Extra

In addition to informing your readers, you can also use a press release to offer them something special and get them to click through to your website to learn more about your brand. For example, you might provide a link to an informative white paper download, or you might provide access to a free trial or a special offer. Other incentives could include consultations, webinars, and podcasts. Be creative and get people to keep coming back for more.

It is clear to see that press releases can certainly be used as marketing tools, particularly when you know how to write and distribute a release that will grab people’s attention. So go ahead and promote the latest and greatest achievements and upcoming events that your business can boast about.

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