Power-Blox Providing Off-the-Grid Energy to Small Business

A Swiss Company, Power-Blox, has created fully autonomous power grids that can be easily scaled up without the need for extensive expertise, centralized control or configuration. The ‘Plug and Power’ technology behind Power-Blox enables anyone to create an autonomous grid that can power schools, businesses, hospitals, homes and entire villages.

Power-Blox has definitely revolutionized off-grid energy storage by providing dynamic, robust and fully-scalable off-grid energy solutions to adapt easily to any scenario without requiring professional configuration, installation or maintenance.

A Look at the Power-Blox System

Power-Blox can be easily stacked together to create an even bigger unit with a larger capacity.

Power-Blox System Providing Off-the-Grid Energy to Small Business

Would this be advantageous to businesses in any way? Yes.

A major advantage provided by the Power-Blox system is its resilience to disruptions and its ability to be easily upgraded. Instead of replacing a whole power system every time your demand for power increases, Power-Blox allows you to simply add another module to your stack to add more energy to the grid. In addition, if any point of the network fails, the system as a whole still functions.

If your business is located in an area where electricity is often disrupted, you could definitely use Power-Blox as a backup. This might especially be true for companies maintaining a group of websites or servers, in need of power to make routine updates in a remote location. And Power-Blox is a convenient and cost-effective alternative for communities in developing nations, where power grids are often unreliable and in some areas even non-existent.

The price, however, is not so alluring especially for small businesses. The Power-Blox 200 lithium-ion battery costs about CHF2,750.00 (approximately U.S. $2,835) while the Power-Blox 200 lead battery goes for CHF1,795.00, approximately  U.S. $1,851.

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