Podcast: Hollywood PR – Be a Public Relations Agent for Your Business

In this engaging episode, publicity expert Shannah Carol discusses how YOU can be your own Hollywood-style PR agent. Red Carpet expert Shannah Carol will share secrets on simple ways you can promote your home-based business with Public Relations:

  • How to make you and your business newsworthy & interesting
  • Essentials of a simple PR Plan for a home business
  • Using Public Relations to build your personal brand
  • Essentials of an engaging Press Release
  • Reaching the right media outlets for your business
  • Cutting through all the clutter to make yourself heard
  • Getting customers to talk about your product or service
  • Conducting Radio & TV interviews
  • Should you use an outside PR Agent
  • Using Social Media to leverage your PR

With the rise of the Internet and social media, PR is no longer a playground reserved for the wealthy or large corporate business owners. Put PR to work building your personal brand and your home-based business – with Hollywood style PR!

Episode Sponsor:  Deborah Kay, Global Venture Services, www.worklparttimelivefulltime.com

Interview Guest:

PR Expert Shannah Carol








Snoop Dogg with Shannah Carol







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