Infographic: Content marketing from A to Z

Content might be king, but without a robust strategy, yours won’t wear the
crown for long.

Content creation starts as an easy investment, a few blog posts and a new
page on your website. However, optimizing the benefits of your blog or
video channel requires discipline and experimentation.

As social media platforms monkey with their algorithms, new avenues for
reaching customers will appear (and disappear) every day. Savvy marketers
know that they should cast a wide net to, perhaps, get lucky and go viral.

A new
offers a comprehensive guide for content marketers with tips for creation
and measurement, along with resources for better distribution.

Its suggestions include:

  • Curating your content
  • Making the most of Facebook Groups and other social media
  • Checking your competitor’s history
  • Posting on blogging sites like Medium
  • Using the news
  • Learning continually

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What would you add to the list, PR Daily readers?

See the full infographic here.

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