IDG Contributor Network: Why your small business needs a mobile app

Are you app-solutely missing the boat?

These days, we carry our smartphones everywhere. People are using them to play, order food, make purchases, do research, communicate, check reviews, read books, find love and generally get by day to day. Some people are even running their business from their phone! In fact, many of you probably prefer using apps over your desktop when it comes to things like checking emails, updating your social media accounts or checking your online banking.

Smartphones have already revolutionized the way brands can market to consumers through branded apps that connect businesses to their customers 24/7. Brands are already using apps successfully to connect with their customers, think of Dominoes and Starbucks, Ebay and Amazon they are using apps really successfully. Apps offer a far more direct marketing channel now than ever in the past, from an push notification that offers you a personalized offer  when smart geolocation technology detects a customer is near their store, to in-app offers that offer a 10 percent discount if you purchase those 3 items that have been sitting in your basket for the past 3 days.

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