IDG Contributor Network: Automating the workplace

Automation has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. Automating the mundane tasks at workplace has one of the highest return on investments, because it lets the workers focus on what really matters – shipping features and fixing bugs. Several areas where automation is common today are explored below.


Testing is perhaps the most automated task in software development lifecycle. The idea is that developers write some tests and then make some changes to the codebase as required. If the new changes pass those tests, it ensures that no functionality is broken. Of course this depends on what the degree of code coverage is in the software. Because of the repetitive nature of the task, tests are highly automatable. Each programming language has its own set of testing frameworks. Frameworks like Selenium allow developers to automate browsers in any way they see fit. Writing automated tests has become a field of employment in itself. Companies like Browserstack provide the developers with a wide range of browsers on multiple platforms for automated testing of their web based products. 

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