How to Create Authentic and Captivating Social Media Videos for Your Brand

Creating lasting connections and evoking powerful emotions is what all business owners strive for. Without these two things, you cannot hope to excel in your chosen field. Making videos that speak for your brand is one way to express everything you imagine your company to be.

Video is one of the most effective storytelling tools you can use. There’s something about video content that expresses thoughts and feelings that can’t be exemplified in just writing or pictures. Let’s look at some helpful and informed ways you can make your videos speak for your brand and call viewers to action.

Ask the Right Questions

  • Who are you attracting?
  • What are the things that your target audience cares about?
  • What is your audience motivated by?

Pick topics for your videos that will engage your customers. Within your video, you should strive to educate yet entertain.

If you are an artist and you want to showcase your work in your videos, then think of a topic that would bring in viewers. Maybe you paint landscapes. One video could be your progression from ideas of where and what to paint into actually painting. Another video could be the mediums you use to paint the landscapes, oil or acrylic for example, and then inform them about what works best for you when painting.

To keep topics from falling flat or getting bad reviews, try asking your customers what they’d like to watch. Google Keyword planner or Answer the Public are great places to go if you need some keyword help. Keeping up with your audience and their wants is crucial for success.   

Identify the Best Stories

  • Which stories will work best for your audience?
  • What is the climax/turning point of the story?
  • Who are the characters in your story (who else can/should you talk about)?

Use your creative thinking talents to identify which topics will work best for your business. You want your video to have an impact on the viewers. If you have a graphic design business, it’ll be more pleasing to watch you create a new product then calling possible clients. Bringing in people, maybe a customer or business partner, for your videos can boost your chances of being seen and keep you authentic and relatable.

Decide a Call to Action

  • What do you want people to do after they watch your video?
  • When and where should they go after your video is viewed?
  • Do you want feedback?

To engage the viewer, ask them for comments. If you are selling art, you could direct them to your local place of business, or a Website displaying your works. If you need help with funds, tell them your story and mention your Go Fund Me account.

You can direct them to your other social media pages as well, such as Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Don’t forget to add your ‘call to action’ into your video script.

Pick a Platform

There are two very important things that you should ask yourself when choosing where to market your brand.

  • Which sites provide the best chance of getting your story seen and heard?
  • Which sites are most likely to send traffic that converts?

Once you’ve discovered your topics, it’s time to think about which social media platforms are best suited for your needs. Check out where your audience likes to visit the most. If you seem to get more views on YouTube, start there. After that, you can share your video to all of your other platforms.

Remember that having only one site, even if it’s your company’s Website, is not the best idea. Utilizing multiple outlets will increase your chances of exposure. Your goal is to expand views and receive tons of traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the OTT branded platform, and live streaming, are all options. If you don’t share there’s no way to guarantee discovery.

There are so many handy tools you could use online. You can connect your platforms together so posts are scheduled at the same time. For example, scheduling videos to post once a week for three months at a time, will benefit you because traffic will constantly be coming in. This also means you won’t have to stress about posting every single day.

Your brand needs to contain the same color scheme and design throughout your videos. Changing it up too much can be frustrating or confusing for viewers, so remain consistent. To get people to purchase or use your product or service, you need to have quality assurance and fantastic reliability.

Get filming! Now that you have the tools you need to make a great video for your business, there’s no stopping you.

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