How to Become a Successful Social Media Influencer

We live in a world dominated by social media. It seems like every single act, acquisition and achievement needs to be highlighted and discussed in detail. Needless to say being on social media is expected today. Imagine if your presence was not just expected but appreciated? If you could be an influencer on social media, it could be transforming in more ways than one.

Simply put, an influencer gets across to consumers, customers and the public through blogs, social network pages and presence. Their relationship with their audience helps create traction for products and services on the market. Here are a few ways to become a successful social media influencer:

  1. Think about your time commitment- being a social media influencer is not just time-consuming, it is time-demanding. Think about how much time you’re willing to spare for your social media presence each day. Is it something you can do in between work? Or every night when you return from a day at the office? Influence is a full-time job, so if you have free time only on the weekends, then this may not be the space for you. Your time commitment will decide step 2 of the process.
  2. Think about your social media presence- how many pages do you need? And where do you need to be seen the most? If your strength lies in content, then Facebook and blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger will be a good fit. Facebook also gives you the advantage of mixed media; you can host any kind of media you want. Video, audio, and content all fit in there easily. If your talent shows through in the pictures you take, consider Instagram. YouTube isn’t the easiest channel to be on, but it has rich rewards. Think about this and then decide.
  3. Hone your craft- whatever and wherever you choose to pursue your interest, do it with conviction and make sure it has quality. Whether it’s a few lines or an entire video post, go through many attempts and keep learning from each attempt. There’s nothing worse than tacky unfinished content. Don’t think about the next step till you’ve figured this one out.
  4. Create great content- the social media influencer uses intelligent, incisive and absorbing content to cause a buzz. Your content should be nothing short of great. Whether it’s a funny post or a thought-provoking piece, a karaoke clip or a video of an adventure, it needs to be posted online only in its best version and only if it’s of value. You can lose your audience very quickly with a bad piece. The reverse, luckily, holds true too.
  5. Create consistently- social media influencers do not work in fits and starts. Create a plan and stick to it like glue, with minor deviations, depending on occasion and need. Influence happens when there’s a presence, an almost constant presence. That’s the way to stay on top of an audience member’s mind; it has to be there! Especially on Facebook where the newsfeed is always active. So create good content and make sure it’s online often enough to be noteworthy but not annoying.
  6. Now build- your community grows when you interact. Exchange thoughts and comments, invite conversation, note ideas and respond. If you see forums you think might be of value, join in the debate. Talk to industry insiders, experts and other influencers. Every interaction has the potential to teach you something.

You will need to tell people who you are and what you stand for, but you don’t have to go off on a self-praising spiel. Your work will do all the promotion you need. When you have the community’s trust, make sure you always treat it with respect and do not take it for granted. Work to create influence in a positive way.

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