Five Examples of Impressive Twitter Graphic Design

Twitter was launched in 2006, although it seems as if it has been with us for much longer than that. The site is now used by considerably more than 300 million people and is the first place that many people go to find out about breaking news stories. With so many people using the site, the so-called ‘sms of the internet’ is a place where it can be difficult to hold people’s attention. With that in mind, it is very important for businesses to use graphic design so as to get people’s attention on Twitter. This medium is one which encourages users to quickly scroll down the pages, so bland designs can result in your business being ignored. Of course some companies are better than others when it comes to social media marketing. We are going to look at five examples of the best companies when it comes to creating graphic designs which get result.

PaddyPower is justifiably famous for its innovative and creative marketing strategy. The Irish company was founded in 1988, but in 2016 it merged with betfair to create one of the biggest entities in the online gaming world. The PaddyPower Twitter feed is certainly one which is worth following, as the content is of a consistently high quality. PaddyPower describes itself as ‘mischievous’, and this is reflected in their marketing campaigns. Sometimes those campaigns have crossed the line into offensiveness, but normally they stay on the right side of the regulators. Expect their trademark humorous content delivered via videos, text and images. This company is one which sets the standards for the online gaming industry in terms of marketing. They are often imitated, but rarely matched.

Another gaming company which can compete with PaddyPower is Casumo. This company has redefined the way we think about online casinos, bringing a fun energy to what can be a somewhat traditional industry. Casumo haven’t just created a casino, they have engineered a whole new world. The graphics used on their Twitter feed matches the brand in terms of creativity, colour and wacky style. Expect to see their brand ‘ambassador’, the cartoon alien character, to appear in all sorts of gifs, pictures and videos. The little animations are stunning creations, and deserving of a wide audience, certainly more than the 6,000 or so that their Twitter feed currently attracts. This is a company which knows how to market itself beautifully, as a visit to their Twitter feed will confirm.

Flickr is a site which has no problem attracting Twitter followers, as there are currently more than a million following this brand. Of course Flickr do have an in-built advantage over other companies, in that their business is all about photography. That means that they are able to choose some beautiful images to display on their Twitter account. It is a rather unusual case, as effectively Flickr is a social media platform which is promoting itself on a different social media platform. However, by perfectly utilising the Twitter cards Flickr has been able to drive users onto its site from Twitter.

The social media marketing team at Charmin have the rather thankless task of trying to promote a company which produces toilet paper. However, rather than being stymied by this situation, the company has thrived online. Their brand ambassadors are a family of friendly cartoon bears, and these characters appear across the images released on their Twitter feed. Charmin uses plenty of humour in its presentations, to complement those excellent graphics. Without the content available to the other names on this list, Charmin have used a light touch and some clever images to sell a product that could prove difficult to market in the wrong hands. Instead, Charmin have been an example to companies out there in terms of social marketing.

Starbucks is the World leading chain of coffee shops, which have taken the concept of a café to a different level. Of course, this is a company which has proven itself to be masters of self-promotion, and this extends to their social media marketing. Each of their images and gifs are carefully crafted to display their products in the best possible light. The colourful designs on their takeaway coffee cups make them perfect for use on social, and this is a brand that benefits from user-generated content as well as in-house creative. Holidays are an occasion for the brand to get creative, but at all times this company presents a positive, upbeat and trendy face to the world.

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