Alex Jeffreys Explains Why You Should Pour Money into Online Advertising

The old mantra “you gotta spend money to make money” has never been truer in the online marketplace. Internet marketing guru Alex Jeffreys has worked with hundreds of service providers, consultants, and coaches and found one common theme: companies and people are afraid to spend their money on advertising.

Jeffreys found (and keep reading if this applies to you) that companies hesitate to invest in marketing because they are concerned about the return on their investment. It is an understandable fear; everyone is bombarded with adverts every day – in their mail, on their phone, and at their job. However, those advertisements all have one thing in common; they are expensive.

Advertising on Facebook is incredibly cost-efficient and cheap. Facebook has a built-in group of people who are already interested in what you have to sell, and Facebook can help you identify and reach them. Jeffreys shared his insight in an exclusive interview.

“The problem,” Jeffreys said, “is that people structure their businesses and operations incorrectly.” Jeffreys notes that aspiring coaches will use Facebook Live to promote their services but is unable to connect with their audience – no one understands what they are selling. The aspiring coach charges by the hour and undersells themselves in their marketing campaign.

“The key,” according to Jeffreys, “is to come up with an irresistible offer for an unbeatable product. You need to offer a product that anyone would purchase dollar-for-dollar.” Jeffreys found that people focus too much on duration, time, and cost. “Rather,” he said, “you need to focus on changing your clients’ lives. How long should your coaching program take? As long as you think it will get done what needs to be done and to create a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Jeffreys found that the focus is misguided because people don’t purchase durations, they purchase outcomes. You demonstrate results and your offer becomes irresistible.

Once you have a great offer, it is time to organize the TeleFunnel. The TeleFunnel is a propriety strategy that Jeffreys teaches to his students enrolled in his program. The TeleFunnel is an automated system that converts interest in your offer into phone calls (and new clients).

Once you have these pieces, it is time to start advertising. You may be tempted to wait until you are no longer generating clients on your own. However, according to Jeffreys, that would be a mistake. You should start advertising before you need to. Internet marketing campaigns build on momentum, each campaign spills into the next, generating more leads and more conversions. Facebook is one of the cheapest and easiest online markets to get your company started, and it is easy to build a series of campaigns that cascade and elevate your business to the next level.

There will always be low-hanging fruit, easy clients to sell your product to until there isn’t. A well-organized advertising campaign will build momentum while you are coasting in the beginning so that, when you need it to work, you never even notice the transition into a sustainable business model.

Advertising on Facebook helps make your business sustainable and can help you scale it up. As an aside, Jeffreys offered up his advertising methods; he gives Facebook an unlimited source of funds to charge against because he is confident in the returns. He found that advertising through Facebook has cut his sales cycle down to four days. He is then able to take those profits and reinvest them into his business.

You may think, well perfect for Jeffreys, but I don’t have an unlimited advertising budget. “Don’t worry,” Jeffreys said, “start small, think big, scale fast.” Jeffreys recommends small businesses start with $10 a day and build from there – the eventual goal is to spend thousands on advertisements.

The more data that Facebook collects on your business and clients, the more efficient it becomes at finding the right people. As you find more people, the sales cycle will continue to shrink because these are the sorts of people already interested in what you have to offer. “It’s natural to be scared,” Jeffreys said, “as there is always going to be uncertainty and resistance, but you need to push past it and work with people who build your confidence. Remember, start small, think big, and scale fast.”

Alex Jeffreys is the founder of Marketing With You and Coaching With You, a unique coaching programs that teach you how to become successful internet marketers. With products such as the Super Funnel and the Affiliate Sniper Program, Alex Jeffreys teaches hundreds of students every year how to become successful entrepreneurs.

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