8 ways it pays to build social media marketing campaigns

As social media marketing enters a level of unprecedented maturity,
communicators who use it as a tool in their arsenal are starting to realize
its benefit as a true revenue generator.

Most social networks tend to curb the reach and influence a post can have
if it is not promoted (i.e. paid for), but that hasn’t stopped brand
managers from finding ways to take advantage of these platforms and find
new ways to turn social media storytelling into dollars.


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A new infographic from
MDG Advertising provides an eight-point checklist of the steps you should take to turn your
social media marketing into profit. Those steps include:

1. Strategy

2. Auditing

3. Technology

4. Paid Media

5. Content Development

6. Customer Response

7. Compliance & Risk Management

8. Measurement

When a brand manager can master all these aspects of social media marketing
simultaneously, success (and profit) becomes easily achievable. However, be
aware that as soon as you master these steps, a new crop of best practices
will probably spring up.

Get details on each of the eight steps to social media profitability in the
infographic below:

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