7 stellar gifts for PR pros

‘Tis the season of checking people off your holiday gift list.

Along with hobbies, many people use careers as inspiration to select the
perfect present for their loved ones to unwrap. However, it’s often hard
to explain to family and friends what a PR career entails, so getting PR pros gifts that are practical, as well as appreciated, can
be tricky.

Here are several ideas for presents that can let the communicator in your
life know how special he or she is. PR pros, you can also use this as your
wish list:

1. A business card holder for networking.


Networking is a PR pro’s lifeblood. Whether it’s getting to know
journalists and what they’re looking for with stories, cozying up to
clients or finding a new job, the communications industry is just as much who you know as it is what you know.

Get the PR pro on your list a personalized business card holder, such as
those offered by PrettyPictureGifstCo on Etsy. Looking for something more sassy?
KellysMagnets on Etsy has a card case that says, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of
how awesome I am.”

Pair the card case with a subscription to LinkedIn Premium,
and you can help fund both digital and face-to-face networking efforts.

2. PRSA membership or PR training.


Membership to the Public Relations Society of America gives communicators access to a network of more than 21,000 like-minded
professionals, along with resources that include job alerts, industry
newsletters, PR research, discussion boards and discounts for conferences,
seminars and webinars (along with several free options).

If you’re not sure if the PR pro in your life already has a PRSA
membership, you can get them another membership or training package, such
Ragan Insider or Ragan Training. Both offer industry content and conference discounts.

3. Concealer and cream to hide under-eye circles.


PR pros often burn the candle at both ends, but early mornings and late
nights—coupled with the stress that comes from handling crises and meeting
deadlines—can take a toll.

Benefit’s “It’s Potent!” dark-circle eye cream can help hide the evidence of long work weeks, and
It Cosmetics’ “Bye Bye Under Eye” concealer can help your PR pro look bright-eyed for that upcoming client

4. A power print for the office.


Though shows such as “Sex in the City,” “House of Cards” and “The Newsroom”
don’t always depict the PR industry correctly, they can be fun—and relatable to PR pros. “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope is
based on real-life crisis manager and lawyer Judy Smith, which makes for an
especially fun watch.

This minimalist print of Pope from TheFilmArtist on Etsy features the fixer with her hand on her hip from is emblazoned with “It’s
handled” across the top. It’s the perfect office decoration for a
communicator who has everything under control.

If your communicator is more of the creative type, the shop also offers
a minimalist print of Peggy Olson from “Mad Men” that captures the scene
where Olson strolls into McCann Erickson.

5. A planner.


Though much of a PR pro’s work is now done digitally, many communicators
find that using a paper planner helps them organize their schedules, goals,
to-do lists and more.
The Passion Planner can help even the busiest PR pro organize meetings, brainstorm ideas and
celebrate achievements (both professional and personal).

Business Insider’s
Olivia Abel wrote

So what’s inside this 210-page, 8.5-by-11-inch faux leather black book?
Start with the Passion RoadMap. It kicks off with an exercise that helps
you define and create actions for your goals in three months, one year,
three years, and throughout your life. Weekly layouts, as well as annual
and monthly overview calendars, keep you organized, while monthly
reflection questions and inspirational quotes keep you focused on your

The pockets can also hold receipts, conference passes and other odds and
ends your communicator accumulates and doesn’t want to lose.

Alternatively, you can get the PR pro in your life a Get to Work book,
Ink + Volt planner or
The Journal planner.

6. Clothing that expresses PR pros’ thoughts.


Your favorite PR pro has probably asked, “So, what’s the angle?” at least a
handful of times in brainstorming sessions or client meetings while trying
to find the news hook for a pitch or the messaging for a campaign.
This shirt, made by Publicitees on Etsy, says it for him or her.

The shop also sells clothing that says,

“My media list is bae,”

“Write, pitch, sleep, repeat” and—for fans of strategy creation and PR analysis—a shirt that says,
“Strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats.”

7. AP Stylebook subscription.


The AP Stylebook is a communicator’s bible. Considering that the 2017
version has almost 200 new or revised entries—including a chapter about
data journalism—it can be hard for PR pros to keep up with changes,
especially if they’re often on the go.

You can help them sharpen their writing and stay current on AP style (which
can increase the chances of media coverage) with an online subscription. It’s
searchable and customizable (perfect if your communicator’s agency or
organization has an in-house style guide), and can be used on desktop and
through an app on phones and tablets.

What gifts would you add to this list, PR Daily readers? Share
your favorites in the comments.

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