6 Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need to Know

Affiliate marketing has gained such rapid momentum that it is estimated that over 80% of the brands around the world now use affiliate marketing as their chosen form of advertisement of their products or services. As with every new trend, there are a number of myths associated with affiliate marketing as well. Here are some of the most popular ones around which you should not lend your ear to.

Myth: Affiliate marketing is a dying trend

Fact: It is undeniable that we cannot really predict far into the future but as of now and the near future, at least as far as we can see, affiliate is here to stay. It is true that Google has changed its algorithm for SEO rankings and backlink is not the sole factor which determines a high rank on search engine ranking. But affiliate marketing is much more than simply a backlink building effort. Hence, you can rest assured that with the evolving affiliate marketing, it is not dying any time soon. If anything, it has, in fact, grown exponentially with time and continues to grow even today.

Myth: Consumers do not like affiliate marketing

Fact: Contrary to popular myth, a large number of consumers actually do check out the products or services they come across via affiliate marketing. At times, they even make a purchase or pin it for a purchase in the future, which they would not have done, had they not come across the product or service, in the first place. People rarely go to a shopping site unless they have a particular need in mind. Neither do they browse products which they do not need to buy. But when they come across a certain product, they might end up buying even if they were not looking for it.

Myth: You need to get into as many sites as possible

Fact: Always remember the adage, quality over quantity. Instead of going for every site possible, do a thorough research on the trends and impacts of marketing on certain sites and pick only the quality websites. These might cost you a bit more than less yielding websites, but they will definitely have a greater reach and appeal. Go only for what you can manage so that you do not end up biting more than you can chew. This can compromise on the reliability of your brand too.

Myth: Social media will automatically bring business

Fact: It is true that no other platform has a bigger or faster reach than social media but do not expect to make huge business as soon as you start your affiliate marketing. You do have to put in quite a bit of hard work and research into how to place your ads for the best reach and optimal sales. Social media is, indeed, a gold mine of revenue, waiting to be tapped, but only if you are diligent enough to work on it.

Myth: Only niche marketing is successful

Fact: It is true that niche products and services make huge profits via affiliate marketing as it can easily approach niche groups owing to its specially designed algorithm. But it is rather untrue that affiliate marketing is only for niche businesses. Over the past months, there has been exponential rise in brands of all kinds adopting affiliate marketing for the lucrative profits it yields.

Myth: Affiliate marketing is easy/difficult

Fact: Some people are under the impression that affiliate marketing is super easy and requires no work while, the other end is the group that wouldn’t invest in affiliate marketing because they think that is too difficult for them. While the first group might end up losing all the money they spent on marketing, the second is losing out big time on enhanced sales and profits. Affiliate marketing does require some work but it is nothing that a bit of dedication and perseverance cannot master.

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