5 Ways to Use Your Brand to Grow Your Influence

The idea of being influential is all the buzz. From social media influencers to industry influencer- everybody wants to be an influencer.

The truth is being an influencer is way easier than you think.

Though you may think that people who have influence want it because of the power it brings (which may be true for some) true influence is the root of all trusted relationships. Our relationships influence us more than any other outside source on this planet. More than facts, science, or media- it is our relationships that win our hearts and minds more than anything else.

So how can you create such valuable and influential (pun intended) relationships via your brand and with your audience? Here are five ways to use your brand’s relationships to grow your influence all the while increasing the brand love.

1. Be more than just the deliverable.

We all deliver a product or service. To have our audiences think about us as more than just a transaction, we need to create well-rounded relationships with them. Dive into all areas of their lives in which our brand may touch. This means a business coach should be making sure that their audience’s brand, money, marketing, and relationships are just as secure as their business.

Make your offer just the “excuse” for why they are hiring you. The truth is that they are hiring you for the relationship and experience that your brand creates.

2. In the good and bad. To grow your influence, you have to be in it for the long haul. The good and the bad. You need to stick with your audience and clients no matter what and they will stick with you.

Just like with your friends, the ones you trust, rely on and continually go back to are the ones who have supported you through everything- love, loss, and even those questionable fashion choices.

This can feel like “bad business” at times because you are thinking “show me the money.” But stick with it. Keep your heart and motives relationship focused and in the end the influence will be pouring your way. No relationship- brand or otherwise- are instant.

3. Have the answers. Never downplay your qualification, skills, and credentials. Own your expert status by being the go-to person with the trusted and vetted referrals. This old-school business model still rings true even in today’s Google generation because the idea of “trusted and vetted” can never be duplicated.

So share your industry wisdom. Don’t hold back. Show the world and your audience that this isn’t your first rodeo and you know what you are doing. Being a true professional and all the wisdom that comes with that title never goes out of style.

4. Be that big sis or bro. It is easy to become the BFF or the parent to our audience. Yet, both moves- the equal or the authoritarian- are the wrong moves. To influence your audience, you must be trusted and respected while still being relatable. The Big Sis or Bro model supports your audience while creating a relatable admiration- aka the perfect relationship for maximum influence.

5. Connect and communicate. All good relationships are 24/7/365 experiences. Don’t just connect with your audience to ask for the sale or bark your latest promotion at them. Connect with your audience simply to say, to engage, and care.

Real world connections happen in a variety of places and so should your brand’s connections. Don’t limit yourself to the world of social media only. Think multisensory, multiplatform, online and offline.

Plus don’t view your marketing calendar as individual events. Just like in life, all these individual events are adding to who and what your relationship is about. So have fun with the modes and methods you communicate and connect with your audience. Not everything has to be all about your brand. It just has to be all about your audience.

Your audience wants to connect with you. Your audience wants to work with you. Your audiences wants to promote you. Your audience wants to be more than a transaction to you.

They want to be in your brand’s life for more than just this brief moment.

Be a good friend to your audience. Care about more than just the sale and they will naturally give you the influence in their lives that no amount of money could buy.

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