5 elements of successful PR giveaways

Consumers love free stuff.

However, not every brand manager can create a giveaway that entices
consumers to participate.

What sets great giveaways apart from mediocre efforts, and how can you
successfully create a giveaway each time you try? In addition, how can you
make your campaign sing, no matter what platform you use?

These five elements can help you craft a giveaway that consumers crave:

1. The prize.
Your prize(s) must be something people actually want. A creative theme and
constantly sharing your campaign won’t matter if consumers don’t want what
you offer.

Choose your most popular service or product. If you don’t have one, pick a
trendy product from a different organization that is in line with your
organization. For example, if you’re a brand manager for an engine parts
manufacturer, offer a free oil changes or a gift card to an auto supply

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2. The theme
. Choose an eye-catching theme and support it with captivating photos of
your prize (if it’s just cash, consider using a really big check).

The goal is to get people to notice what you have to offer, so a plain text
description and blurry photos won’t cut it. If you create the giveaway on
social media, use a custom hashtag that is unique to your organization and

3. Instructions to enter.
Make entering your giveaway as simple as possible. If you are using
Instagram, don’t ask consumers to like a photo, comment and
follow. Instead, pick one action. Apply this to all social platforms.

If you conduct a giveaway through email, create a link where people can
enter their names and emails, offering an easy way for subscribers to
forward it for more chances to win. Also make your giveaway
mobile-friendly, so entrants don’t have to slog through a non-mobile

4. The rules.
When you run a giveaway online, follow each platform’s established

Facebook has them, and so does Instagram. You
should establish a time period for people to enter, clearly explaining when
it closes. If there are any restrictions regarding who can win your
giveaway—such as if you give away alcohol—that must be clear up front.

5. The winner.
When your giveaway ends, announce the winner quickly across all social
platforms to avoid confusion. You can also put the start date of your next
giveaway to encourage consumers to come back.

If you haven’t had much luck with giveaways in the past, review your
campaigns. It could be due to an undesirable prize or a long and
complicated entry. You can always do better with your next attempt.

What tactics have you employed for successful giveaways?

Mickie Kennedy is the founder of
eReleases. A version of this article originally appeared

on his blog, PR Fuel

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